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When customers require a few screws or nails to finish a job Rickards is the place to visit. In the bottom shop ( No 7 ) there are over 100 original drawers which continue to be used for storage of various screws , nails, bolts and washers and Rickards is proud to still sell such items by number and weight as well as the prepacked modern versions ! In addition to supporting the DIY enthusiast we also maintain strong links with county wide building and plumbing contractors.

From its very early days Rickards has stocked a variety of locks, keys and escutcheon plates. Throughout the 20th century the business offered its customers a locksmith service and with today's focus on high security Rickards will help customers find a solution that best fits their specific requirements.

Rickards has always been a supplier of cookware to the local community as well as local hotels and restaurants. Indeed it is this focus that has lead to the development of the Aga Cookshop which is housed in the old kitchen at the rear of the main shop. Now that Ludlow has become a centre of gourmet excellence Rickards is pleased to offer its customers all the necessary cookware items ......... both large and small !

In it's early years Rickards was proud to be a significant supplier of equipment for horse-drawn ploughs to the farming community and today this link continues on a domestic level with a range of gardening products which over recent years has been extended to cover bird feeders and bird foods.



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"The help and advice we received at Rickards was simply outstanding. Their depth of knowledge and willingness to help is a real rarity, we will definitely be back."